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Why Russian Voice?

Native Russian. Take regular one-to-one online training with a professional and experienced native Russian teacher.


Effective Lessons. Learn and practice real-world Russian language skills and achieve your goals with a personalized e-learning program.

Flexible Schedule. Study Russian via Skype from the comfort of your home or an office. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Meet The Teacher!


You will master your Russian with your personal trainer via Skype. Whether your goals are to improve your language to enter Russian university, to travel in Eastern Europe, to communicate better at work and with Russian-speaking partners, to do business with Russian-speaking countries, to find your love or chat with friends, your Russian language teacher will prepare you for excellence.

Fun and Easy

You learn better if you have fun and enjoy the experience. Our lessons are interactive and sociable. We learn how to use Russian in real-life situations, watch videos, listen to songs and conversations, read and discuss current news. Step by step we move you closer to achieving your individual language goals.

Real-Life Russian

People learn language best by using it in real-life contexts. All lessons are conducted in Russian. So you will be immersed in the language right from the start. You will understand Russian slang and learn how to use the most common idioms and everyday phrases correctly. You will learn how to speak Russian that natives use in real conversations.

Personalized Training

Whatever your age, your level or your learning goals, here you will find a program tailored to suit your personal needs. You will get the individual attention that will allow you to learn at your own speed. I will correct your spoken and written errors so that you will become more accurate and progress faster.

Modern Educational Resources

We use various teaching techniques to develop your language skills. You will be provided with the newest books produced by best publishers as well as self-made learning materials. At our lessons we play communication games, use visual aids, infographics and colorful presentations. All educational materials are FREE and provided by your teacher during a class!


Effective Cooperation

We always do our best to make Russian lessons interesting and effective. You will enjoy lessons that use modern, communication-centered activities and materials. At the same time we expect you to play an active part in your learning. Each week you will be given homework to review and practice what has been covered in class. So let's learn!


Cultural Awarenesss

At our lessons we learn culture tips, traditions and etiquette for different life situations. Societal rules of conduct, body language, differences in values and norms, humor, dress codes, beliefs, customs and traditions. You will know everything to feel comfortable in a Russian-speaking environment and communicate with natives effectively.

About Teacher

Привет! My name is Lydia. I’m a certified Russian Language and Literature teacher and a founder of the Russian Voice. I have many years of teaching General and Business Russian to international students of various levels, ages and backgrounds. My aim here is to teach YOU how to use Russian language in real-life situations with confidence and ease. Are you passionate about learning Russian and visiting Russian-speaking countries? Let’s learn this awesome language together!

Learn more about Lydia and her teaching approach>>

Top Facts About Your Teacher


Years of teaching General and Business Russian to adult learners online.


Years of in-school teaching and in-company training.


Students already use Russian language skills for life, work, study, and travel.


Classroom and online hours taught for students from 20 countries.

How We Teach Russian

You will master your Russian with your personal trainer via Skype. Whether your goals are to improve your language to enter Russian university, to travel in Eastern Europe, to communicate better at work and with Russian-speaking partners, to do business with Russia or other post-Soviet countries, to find your love or chat with friends, your Russian language teacher will prepare you for excellence.

Look how we learn

At Russian Voice, we use the communicative approach, which is centered in helping the student to develop all important Russian language skills. In each class you will practice Russian in contextualized, practical and everyday situations through activities with predefined goals. See how it works!


Speak Russian the right way! Learn how to use Russian in your everyday life and communicate with native speakers effectively.


Increase your Russian vocabulary reading current news, stories and poems in original. Learn new words and phrases from real life texts!


Practice and improve your listening skills watching interesting Russian movies and listening to news, songs, podcasts, and real conversations.


Learn Russian grammar easily with our simple explanations, fun exercises, word games, and interesting activities.



Learn how to write messages and emails in Cyrillic to your Russian friend or business partner without any effort.



Learn new words, idioms and daily expressions with your tutor, and see how fast your Russian vocabulary grows.

How to Start Learning Russian Online

Online lessons via Skype is a modern and convenient way to learn the Russian language. You have a unique opportunity to study with a native Russian teacher from the comfort of your home or office. You will enjoy an interactive and personalized learning experience. Let’s see how it works!

Step 1. Book a FREE consultation

Contact your Russian teacher to request a 30-minute FREE consultation. Your trainer will reply to your request within 24 hours to confirm her availability and arrange online meeting.


Step 2. Meet your teacher and set your goals

During your FREE consultation you will have an opportunity to meet your teacher and discuss your language goals and needs. We will test your Russian skills, discuss your studying preferences and personalized Russian learning plan.

Step 3. Pay for lessons and start learning Russian

Make payment for your first study package. You can book 5, 10 or 15 lessons. Complete a detailed language needs analysis and online entrance test. Be ready to start your Skype Russian lessons ASAP!

Choose your course

We have created a wide variety of Russian language courses to satisfy different learning goals and student’s interests. All our programs follow CEFR and TORFL standards and can be adapted or modified to suit your language needs. Select your best course and start learning Russian today!

Russian Start-Up

Do you want to taste Russian? Learn the most common words and survival phrases to feel comfortable in a Russian speaking environment without a professional interpreter!


Russian Master

This course will be an excellent choice if you have basic knowledge of Russian language and want to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Russian for Travel

This course is designed for people who are going to a Russian-speaking country for travel. It will teach you how to talk effectively in Russian in a variety of everyday situations.

Russian for Business

Do you need good knowledge of Russian language for professional purposes and career growth? This course will help you to gain confidence in business communication.

Russian Verbs & Cases

If you want to speak Russian like a pro, you must know how to conjugate Russian verbs and use Russian cases. This course will help you to master all Russian grammar topics.


Exam Preparation

Are you going to pass TORFL or other exam in Russian? You will achieve success with our test preparation materials, sample tests, error correction and useful exam tips.


Russian Grammar Workshop

Do you want to refresh your Russian grammar skills? Master your grammar with our simple explanations and error correction. Learn how to use it in real life communication and speak without mistakes!


Masterpieces of Russian Literature

Are you interested in classic and contemporary Russian literature? Read and discuss interesting stories, plays, poems and extracts from novels written by the most significant Russian authors.


Russian Cultural Awareness Training

This course is designed for students, who want to know more about Russian culture and history, national character and habits, customs and traditions, etiquette and interpersonal relations.

Start learning Russian today with a Native Teacher Online!

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Start learning Russian today with Native Teacher Online!

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