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Привет! Hello! My name is Lydia Gorokhovskaya. I’m a professional Russian language teacher and author of educational resources for Russian learners. Are you passionate about learning Russian and visiting Russian-speaking countries? Let’s learn this awesome language together!

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Learn Russian for life, work, study and travel with a professional native teacher. Enroll individual or mini-group lessons via Skype or Zoom.


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Learn Russian with awesome Russian textbooks, workbooks, grammar guides and picture dictionaries.


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Watch interesting video lessons to improve your language skills and learn more about Russian culture and lifestyle.



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Russian Online Courses

I have created a wide variety of Russian language courses to satisfy different learning goals and student’s interests. At my lessons I use the communicative approach, which is centered in helping the student to develop all important Russian language skills. In each class you will practice Russian in contextualized, practical and everyday situations through activities with predefined goals. All Russian programs follow CEFR and TORFL standards and can be adapted or modified to suit your language needs. Select your best course and start learning Russian today!

General Russian

These General Russian courses are designed to give you the confidence to communicate effectively in real-life situations. The courses offer levels from Beginner to Advanced. They provide a balanced program and focuses on the skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and pronunciation.

Business Russian

This course is designed for business people who need good knowledge of Russian for professional purposes and career growth. It is focused on gaining confidence in business communication in meetings and discussions, negotiations and presentations, telephone conversations, business writing, and networking.

Russian Cultural Awareness

This course is designed for students, who want to know more about Russian culture, literature and history, national character and habits, customs and traditions, etiquette and interpersonal relations.

What My Students Say

I've been teaching Russian for over 15 years. The most of my students come from the USA and Europe, but I also teach people from other countries. I love my job very much and always happy to receive good feedbacks from my students.

Lydia is an excellent teacher with a comprehensive knowledge of teaching methodologies and techniques. I can personally attest to her high level of competence and enthusiasm. Above all she is a kind and patient teacher who always does the best for her student!



English Teacher, UK

I recommend Lydia highly! She is patient, has a wonderful program, caters the lessons to the individual student’s needs! I took lessons on Skype twice a week weekly, made progress, for a person where learning a language doesn’t come easy, she made it enjoyable and easy to understand! Highly recommend!



Real Estate Agent, USA

Lydia is a highly professional language teacher. Her lessons are well structured and flow seamlessly from class to class and she uses a wide variety of materials to keep the lessons interesting and engaging. Lydia is also very flexible in her approach and adapts her teaching style and schedule of lessons based on the individual needs of her students. I had tried learning Russian several times before, but it was only with Lydia that I succeeded in making much progress. I find her to be an excellent teacher and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wishing to learn Russian.



Financial Officer, UK

Lydia is a versatile and experienced Russian language teacher. I have had a privilege to learn both languages with her over last 6 months. She has taught me correct grammar and rich vocabulary. Lydia presents great background in Russian literature and history. Thanks to Lydia I am able to read, write and speak Russian at work and private life. It has been a pleasure to have valuable lessons with Lydia.



IT Specialist, Poland

Russian Lessons

Find out how to study Russian grammar and vocabulary effectively!
Read stories in easy Russian, learn everyday phrases and listen to podcasts.

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