Russian Grammar Lessons

This course is designed for learners who want to refresh their Russian grammar skills and improve their fluency and accuracy in using Russian for academic or professional purposes. It provides the complex study of fundamental elements of Russian phonetics, grammar, lexicon, and syntax. The course covers the most essential and “tricky” topics in basic, intermediate and advanced Russian grammar such as usage of cases and imperfective and perfective verb aspects.



  • One-to-one or mini-group Russian classes.
  • 60-minute or 90-minute language sessions.
  • From Pre-Intermediate to Advanced level. 
  • 2 or 3 times per week recommended.

What Will I Get From This Course?

  1. You will learn how to use Russian grammar in real-life situations.
  2. You will be able to pronounce and write Russian words without mistakes.
  3. You will know how to conjugate Russian nouns, adjectives and pronouns correctly.
  4. You will understand how to use Imperfective and Perfective Verb Aspects.
  5. You will learn how to form Russian participles and gerunds.
  6. You will understand how to use Imperative and Subjunctive Moods.
  7. You will be able to form simple and complex Russian sentences.
  8. You will learn how to form Russian words using suffixes and prefixes.

Course Overview

Course Duration

From 10 to 60 lessons depending on your language goals and personal needs.

Working Language

The lessons are conducted in Russian. Difficult aspects of Russian grammar can be explained in English.


Students will require Internet connection, Skype or Zoom and PDF Reader.

What makes this course unique?

Native Teacher

You will take regular online lessons with a professional native teacher

Personalized training

You will have tailored e-learning program, which will help you to achieve your personal goals and needs.

Effective lessons

You will enjoy interactive and sociable lessons that use modern and communication-centered activities.

Real-Life Russian

You will learn how to speak Russian that natives use in real conversations and be immersed in the language right from the start.

Cultural Awareness

You will get acquainted with culture tips, traditions and etiquette for different life situations.

Modern Educational Resources

All educational materials are FREE and provided by your teacher during a class.

Course Structure

This syllabus consists of 28 modules which include the most important Russian grammar topics. You can take this course “as is” or ask your teacher to modify it according to your interests. Offered grammar topics can be rearranged, removed or augmented with additional topics to suit your language goals and needs.

 1. Nouns and Gender. Singular And Plural

2. The declension of nouns

3. The Nominative Case Of Nouns, Adjectives & Pronouns

4. The Genitive Case Of Nouns, Adjectives & Pronouns

5. The Dative Case Of Nouns, Adjectives & Pronouns

6. The Accusative Case Of Nouns, Adjectives & Pronouns

7. The Instrumental Case Of Nouns, Adjectives, Pronouns

8. The Prepositional Case Nouns, Adjectives & Pronouns

9. Long & Short Adjectives. Comparatives & Superlatives

10. Possessive Pronouns in all cases & genders

11. Adverbs

12. Asking Questions

13. Reflexive Verbs With The Ending -Ся

14. Reflexive Pronouns свой, себя

15. Demonstrative Pronouns этот, тот

16. Speaking about unknown objects

17. Quantity. Cardinal And Ordinal Numbers

18. Verbs: Tenses And Aspects

19. Imperative Mood of verbs.

20. Verbs Of Position

21. Verbs Of Motion

22. Directions and Places

23. Figurative use of the verbs of motion

24. Verbs Of Motion With Prefixes

25. Speaking About Time

26. Possession, Presence And Absence

27. Possible, Necessary, Forbidden

28. Must, Need, Have To


1. Adjectival Pronouns весь, каждый, всякий, любой

2. Double Negatives no one, nothing, never

3. Requests, orders, advice, prohibition

4. Permissions and possibilities

5. Identification Of A Person Or An Object

6. Speaking about equality

7. Reason and Consequence

8. Contrast and Concession

9. Physical And Emotional States

10. Conjunctions

11. The Structure Of Complex Sentence

12. The Relative Pronoun which in all cases and genders

13. Cause and Effect

14. Purpose and reason. Constructions with чтобы

15. The Condition, Possibility And Wishes

16. Reported Speech

17. Active and passive voices of verbs

18. Negation. Use of particles не and ни

19. Short forms of adjectives

20. Possessive adjectives

21. The agreement of cardinal numerals, nouns, and adjectives

22. Declension of complex and compound numerals

23. The fractions

24. The collective numerals

25. The Pronouns оба/обе

26. The pronoun сам and самый

 1. The Participle

2. Active Present Participles and Active Past Participles

3. Passive Present Participles and Passive Past Participles

4. Participial constructions

5. The gerund and the gerundial constructions

6. Styles of Speech

7. Verbal nouns in the meaning of action

8. Declension of cardinal numbers

9. Expression of time

10. Expression of purpose and cause in a simple sentence

11. Expression of condition, concession, and comparison

12. Expression of negation

13. Expression of uncertainty

14. Complex Sentences

15. Sentences without grammatical subject

16. The infinitive sentences

17. Parenthetical words and constructions

18. Word order

19. Permission, Prohibition, Recommendation, Obligation, and Ability

20. Ability, Recommendation, and Various Degrees of Certainty

21. Obligation and Necessity

22. Desirability

23. Word formation

24. The particles

25. Noun suffixes

26. Diminutive suffixes

27. The formation of adjectives

28. Verbs with prefixes