Academic Russian. TORFL (ТРКИ) Preparation Course

Russian for University Study is a six-level course of the academic Russian language designed to prepare you for entry to Russian universities, visiting a Russian-speaking country for study purposes or passing the Russian language test. It focuses on developing your speaking, listening and writing skills, as well as vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. In every class you will be provided with structured learning tasks, error correction, teacher guidance, and feedback.



  • One-to-one or mini-group Russian classes.
  • 60-minute or 90-minute language sessions.
  • From Beginner to Advanced level.
  • 2 or 3 times per week recommended.


What Will I Get From This Course?

  1. You will learn how to read and write in Cyrillic and sound like a real Russian with proper pronunciation. You will be able to introduce yourself and talk about your family and friends. You will learn how to communicate with Russian people in the most typical situations in the university and in the city.
  2. You will be able to talk about your everyday life, describe your lifestyle, hobbies, interests, and plans for future. You will orientate yourself in the city, read a map, street signs, and city advertisements. You will be able to shop and travel with basic Russian and understand simple conversations.
  3. You will speak Russian more accurately and fluently, as well as socialize and network with Russians with greater confidence. You will talk about your job, profession, education and participate in conversations on the topics being of interest to you. You will also improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
  4. You will improve your skills in oral monologue and dialogue speech, as well as develop your reading and writing skills. You will know how to use the most important elements of Russian grammar in your everyday speech. You will be able to handle most life situations and feel comfortable in a Russian-speaking environment.
  5. You will speak on a variety of topics, understand and maintain dialogues from everyday communication. You will learn more advanced words and phrases, get used to normal speed of usual conversational speech, and use Russian language effectively in academic sphere.
  6. You will communicate fluently with native speakers in a wide range of cultural situations and educational sphere. You will deepen your knowledge of Russian culture, history, and literature. You will speak Russian fluently and socialize with Russians with a greater confidence.