Russian Cultural Awareness Course

This training is designed for intermediate and advanced students, who want to know more about Russian culture and understand Russian-speaking people better. It will also provide foreign business people with useful cross cultural tools to deal successfully with Russian colleagues, clients and customers.


One-to-one or mini-group Russian classes.

45-minute or 60-minute language sessions.

From Intermediate to Advanced level.

1-2 times per week recommended.

What Will I Get From This Course?

You will build your confidence to talk about yourself, your qualifications and skills.

You will break stereotypes about Russia and other Russian-speaking countries and be able to socialize and network with Russians with greater confidence.

You will work successfully in a Russian-speaking environment and participate more successfully in meetings with Russian colleagues and partners.

You will expand vocabulary learning Russian idioms and slang and develop your conversational, reading, writing and grammar skills.


You will be prepared for taking a business trip to Russia or other Russian-speaking country.

You will learn Russian business etiquette and culture and get tips for doing business in Russia from leading Russian and foreign business specialists.

You will be able to communicate more confidently in life and work situations and expand your daily and professional vocabulary.


You will develop your Russian business language skills and socialize and network with Russians with greater confidence.

Course Overview

Course Duration


80 hours (Intensive Course) and 120 hours (Normal Course).

Working Language

The lessons are conducted in Russian.

Academic Requirements

Students must know how to read Russian and be familiar with basic elements of Russian grammar

Technical Requirements

Students will require Internet connection, Skype and Adobe Reader.

Lesson Structure

  • Speaking

    Skill Level: 95%
  • Reading

    Skill Level: 45%
  • Listening

    Skill Level: 50%
  • Writing

    Skill Level: 30%
  • Grammar

    Skill Level: 70%
  • Vocabulary

    Skill Level: 80%

Course Structure

    The course contains 14 modules. You have an opportunity to choose or add certain topics upon your interests and needs, and make your personalized learning program.

  • 1. Main concepts of Russian culture

  • 2. National character, values, and ethic

  • 3. Russian Society: Lifestyle and Interpersonal Relations

  • 4. Russian Economy and Business Relations

  • 5. Russian History and Geography

  • 6. Russian Political Life and Foreign Relations

  • 7. Russian business etiquette and culture

  • 8. Etiquette and public behavior

  • 9. Verbal and non-verbal communication

  • 10. Transport, shopping and entertainment

  • 11. Cuisine and eating etiquette

  • 12. Family relations and friendship

  • 13. Interpersonal relations and building relationships

  • 14. Holidays, customs and traditions

  • 1. Polite & Informal Language

  • 14. Russian Meals

  • 2. Meeting & Greeting

  • 15. Dining Etiquette

  • 3. Body Language

  • 16. Russian Currency

  • 4. Russian Names. Titles & Addressing People

  • 17. Public Transport & Private Taxi

  • 5. Russian Family

  • 18. Russian Holidays

  • 6. Relationships & Communication

  • 19. Hotel Assistance

  • 7. Russian Mentality

  • 20. Visiting Etiquette

  • 8. Russian Etiquette Tips

  • 21. Gift Giving Traditions

  • 9. Russian Cuisine & Food Fashions

  • 22. Paying compliments

  • 10. Russian Places to Eat

  • 23. Giving toasts

  • 11. Table Manners

  • 24. Russian Culture

  • 12. Shop Etiquette

  • 25. Russian Customs and Traditions

  • 13. Dress Etiquette

  • 26. Russian Men & Women

  • Coming soon :)

  • Coming soon :)

What makes this course unique?

Native Teacher

You will take regular online lessons with a professional and experienced native Russian teacher.

Personalized training

You will have tailored e-learning program, which will help you to achieve your personal goals and needs.

Effective lessons

You will enjoy interactive and sociable lessons that use modern and communication-centered activities.

Real-Life Russian

You will learn how to speak Russian that natives use in real conversations and be immersed in the language right from the start.


Cultural Awareness

You will get acquainted with culture tips, traditions and etiquette for different life situations.

Modern Educational Resources

All educational materials are FREE and provided by your teacher during a class.


Start learning Russian today with Native Teacher Online!

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