Russian Voices of Disney's Princesses

1. Anna Buturlina – Princess Elsa from Disney’s Frozen 

2. Natalia Bystrova – Princess Anna from Disney’s Frozen 

Natalia Bystrova is a musical actress and singer. Natalia also plays Mary Poppins and princesses Belle, Ariel and Cinderella in Russian versions of Disney musicals.

3. Viktoria Daineko – Princess Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled 

4. Liza Arzamasova – Princess Merida from Disney’s Brave

Liza Arzamasova is a talented Russian theater and cinema actress. Before voicing Merida she wanted to understand her character better. So Liza went to Scotland where she wore a medieval dress and learned archery. 

5. Saule Iskakova – Princess Mulan and Princess Belle from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast

Saule Iskakova is a Russian-Kazakh actress and singer. Besides Belle and Mulan she voiced another Disney’s characters such as Minnie Mouse from The Mickey Mouse Club and Calliope & Megara form Hercules. 

6. Tatiana Rodionova – Disney’s Cinderella

7. Teona Dolnikova - Disney’s Pocahontas

8. Yevgeniya Igumnova - Disney's Snow White

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