10 Must-Read Websites About Russia For English Speakers

Are you interested in Russian culture,  history, traditions, politics, and society? Are you going to travel in this awesome country or visit it on business? These helpful resources will help you to learn everything about Russia from A to Z!

1. Expat.ru 

Expat.ru is probably the biggest and most comprehensive discussion forum for expats living or working in Russia. It's got a mass of sub-forums, including one called marriage to a Russian citizen. This is a genuinely useful website for those heading East. 

2. Way to Russia 

Way to Russia is an independent travel guide to Russia. It contains all necessary information for travelers: destinations, Russian Visa Support, transport, travel services, practicalities. Besides, here you can find some interesting information about Russian history, culture, and traditions. 

3. Inrussia 

This site contains original videos and texts on contemporary Russian culture and life, collected and produced in collaboration with leading media, cultural institutions, partner companies, and creative communities. 

4. Russipedia 

Russiapedia is a repository of all basic facts about Russia, its people, and its history, providing a stereotype-free approach to the country. 

5. Russia Beyond The Headlines 

Russia Beyond The Headlines (RBTH) is an international multimedia project about Russia. It offers news, opinion, analysis and comment on far-ranging issues – politics, culture, business, science, education, sport, travel, and public life in Russia. RBTH covers current events in Russia and far beyond, and relies on professional, independent Russian and foreign journalists. 

 6. Russia Insider 

 Russia Insider is a site started in September 2014 by a group of expats living in Russia. The mission of their project is giving an objective point of view on Russian politics, business, culture, history, religion, and society. 

7. To Discover Russia 

To Discover Russia is a very interesting blog about Russia and its people. It contains a lot of useful information for Russian learners and travelers such as important facts about Russian cities and regions, history and culture, Russian mentality, famous people, holidays and traditions, Russian cuisine, etc.

8. Russmus 

This site contains lyrics of your favorite Russian songs, along with English translations, phonetic transliterations, guitar tabs and chords, podcasts and a great community of Russophiles! 

9. Russian Life 

Russian Life is an American magazine about Russian life, history, society, culture, business, and current events. 

10. The Russian Student 

The Russian Student is a new platform for English speakers to further engage with Russian language, history and culture. 

Do you know any other interesting English websites about Russia? Let me know and I'll include them into this list :)

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