How to Learn Russian Vocabulary with a Picture Dictionary

Привет, друзья! Hi, friends! Are you a beginner in Russian? Have you ever thought of learning Russian vocabulary in a fun and easy way? Today I'll tell you how to do it with the series my AWESOME RUSSIAN Dictionaries in Pictures that I created for my Russian students.

Each Russian picture dictionary includes: 

  • Interactive eTextbook which you can read on any device with a Kindle App; 
  • A Russian-English audio guide which will allow you to listen to the correct pronunciation of a word; 
  • Downloadable PDF workbook with Russian-English word bank and handwriting practice; 
  • 21 essential vocabulary topics;
  • Over 350 Russian words and verb phrases illustrated with beautiful pictures; 
  • Stress marks for easier reading; 
  • Tips for learning Russian vocabulary.

Let's look inside the collection!

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AWESOME RUSSIAN Dictionary 1. Russian Words in Pictures: People. Things. My Life includes the vocabulary on the following topics: 

  • Family and Friends, 
  • Jobs and Hobbies, 
  • Body and Appearance, 
  • Personal Things, 
  • Computer and Smartphone, 
  • Music, Sports, and Games. 

The book includes over 50 Russian verb phrases for beginners. So you will be able to talk about your daily routines and activities.

AWESOME RUSSIAN Dictionary 2. Russian Words in pictures: Food. Shopping. Numbers will help you learn and practice Russian numbers. 

You will see how Russian money looks like and learn how to name Russian currency. 

You will get to know how to tell the time, your phone number, and your address. 

You will learn the names of Russian food and meals, clothes, and cosmetics. 

You will know what gifts to present to your Russian friends. 

Also, if you have kids, it will be useful to know some names of kids' stuff and toys.

AWESOME RUSSIAN Dictionary 3. Russian Words in pictures: Traveling. Calendar. My House will teach you the names of countries and cities, means of transport and places in the city. 

You will get to know how to name furniture and home stuff. 

You will learn Russian days of the week, seasons, and months. 

Also, you will get acquainted with Russian symbols and holidays. 

At last, you will know how to talk about nature, weather, and animals.

Here are some tips on how to learn Russian vocabulary with AWESOME RUSSIAN Dictionaries in Pictures!

1. Use Pictures. Make Connections.

Looking at pictures is the most natural way to learn Russian vocabulary. People think and dream in pictures. In our minds, we usually see people, animals, and things, not just words.  For example, when you hear the word “orange” you can imagine its taste, smell and color. It’s the same way as babies learn their native language. Each AWESOME RUSSIAN Dictionary is thematically arranged, so it will help your brain to make connections between words easily. 

2. Don’t forget about context.

Having ready-made thematic groups of words, you can easily create life stories. For example, you can speak about your family and friends, tell about your personal things, describe your appearance, and write about your daily routine and hobbies. 

3. Build your personal vocabulary.

Create your own personal vocabulary to memorize better new words. This can be a notebook, app, or flashcard where you will write the words. You can write a translation next to each word, as well as draw a picture. 

4. Don’t forget about examples.

Write a short sentence with a new word or its explanation in Russian. If you find it difficult to come up with an example on your own, ask, for the help of your teacher or language partner. By the way, there are texts and dialogues with useful words in Russian language textbooks. Don’t forget to add them to your personal vocabulary.

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