Russian Winter Stories: Holidays, Traditions and Food | Russian Coursebook for Advanced Beginners

Refresh Russian basic grammar, read interesting stories and learn more about Russian culture, traditions and food with an awesome illustrated coursebook!

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AWESOME RUSSIAN Seasons 1. Russian Winter Stories: Holidays, Traditions & Food is an interactive coursebook for advanced beginners. It is designed for young (16+) and adult learners who studied Russian before at A1 level and want to refresh basic Russian grammar and learn more about Russian culture and traditions. 

Kindle eTextbook format with Russian-English audio guide and beautiful pictures!

The coursebook includes:
  • 30 grammar and vocabulary lessons;
  • Interactive book contents;
  • Picture vocabulary;
  • Russian phrases for everyday life;
  • Short stories in Russian with English translation;
  • Russian songs;
  • Russian learning tips;
  • Gifts for Russian learners.

With its help, you will:
  • learn winter vocabulary in Russian;
  • talk about winter weather and outdoor activities;
  • read short stories about Russian New Year, Christmas traditions, and food;
  • learn how to say well-wishes and toasts in Russian;
  • get to know about Russian holidays and gift-giving traditions;
  • learn how to sing New Year and Christmas songs;
  • review Russian cases and learn new Russian verbs;
  • learn how to say the date in Russian.

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