Awesome Russian Calendar 2024. Russian Learner's Planner: Seasons, Months and Weeks

Hello, my dear friends! Are you going to learn Russian in 2024? You can do it effectively with my Awesome Russian Learner's Calendar 2024. Russian Learner's Planner: Seasons, Months and Weeks. With its help you will organize your Russian studies during the next year and learn Russian vocabulary on various topics.

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The workbook includes:

  • Beautiful 2024 Calendar with the illustrated Russian alphabet;
  • 200+ monthly and weekly planning pages, goal planners and vocabulary notes templates;
  • Vocabulary and grammar learning tips;
  • Russian online resources, movies & TV shows;
  • 6 bonus templates (Yearly Planner; Important Dates; Language skills wheel; Russian resources; Movies to watch; Books to read; New Year’s resolutions).

You will learn:
  • Names and dates of popular Russian and international holidays;
  • Russian basic vocabulary on various topics (Winter, spring, summer & autumn vocabulary; Love and Romance; My Things; Shopping; Café & Restaurant; My City & Street; My House & Room; Work & Jobs);
  • Motivational quotes to inspire your learning;
  • Well-wishes, congratulations and toasts;
  • Days of the week, seasons, months and dates.

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