How to Read Russian Street Signs. Level A1

When you find yourself in a Russian city, it's very important to know how to read the street signs in Russian. This will help you to feel more comfortable in a foreign environment and help to communicate with locals more effectively. In this lesson, we'll learn 10 most popular Russian street signs which you can see on any street in Russia.  

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1. ХЛЕБ [khl'Eb] - bread

2. АПТЕКА [apt'Eka] - pharmacy

3. ЦВЕТЫ [tsv'etY] - flowers

4. САЛОН КРАСОТЫ [salOn krasatY] - beauty salon 

5. КОНДИТЕРСКАЯ [kandEEterskaya] - confectionary 

6. КОНФЕТЫ [kanf'Ety] - sweets, candies

7. ИГРУШКИ [eegrOOshkee] - toys

8. ЛАВКА [lAvka] - shop 

9. КАНЦТОВАРЫ [kantstovAHry]  - stationery 

10. РЕСТОРАН [reestahrAHn] - restaurant 

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